About BHB

Tri county Bikers Helping Bikers Charity Organization is a non-profit organization created to assist bikers injured in motorcycle related accidents. It was created and formed by a local group of friends and fellow riders that felt driven to give back to the motorcycling community that we are a part of.

The joy of riding is sometimes tarnished when a biker is injured in an accident. Difficulties often arise during this time. Bikers Helping Bikers can help by giving the injured rider a one-time donation based on individual needs. Your donation goes to helping these riders.

Our organization is run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to this cause. We dedicate our time, our money, and our skills to advance our cause and our mission.

It makes no difference what we ride or who we ride with, it is all about giving back to the biking community.

Please join us in our effort to help. Donations may be sent to the address listed on the contact us page. Also if you would like to join or just help out, send your name, address, and phone number to the same address and a member will contact you.

Tri County Bikers Helping Bikers is a Non-Profit Charity Organization whose sole purpose is to raise money to help injured motorcyclists.

This organization started out as a group of friends who enjoyed riding their motorcycles together. They talked about how there was not an organization out there that will help an injured motorcyclist. What started out as 6 or so friends out for a sunday ride, has now turned into a legal charity organization. Through the hard work and dedication of the members, we are able to assist when needed.

Our sole mission is to financially assist a person that is injured in a motorcycle related accident.